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Concrete Sealer



Concrete will need to be sealed as soon as possible with a concrete sealer.


Concretes look awesome when they are new. Unprotected, they can immediately begin to damage and quickly discolour when penetrated by foreign matter. Moisture entering below the surface of concrete and freezingt will quickly deteriorate and shorten concretes life. CMC Sealcoating & Linestriping, LLC recommends sealing concrete before permanent damage is created and concrete resurfacing or concrete staining is required.


Sencilcrete and patterned concrete will need either a natural look penetrating sealer or an acrylic resin film sealer. Acrylics concrete sealers come as a clear or a coloured concrete sealer.  A concrete driveway sealer will dramatically improve the appearance of tired or boring concrete.  Polished concrete will need either a polyurethane concrete floor sealer or an hard wearing epoxy sealer.  Epoxy’s can also be clear or reflector colors may be added to have a customizable decorative flooring solution.  Polymer waxes are an excellent gloss sealer for terrazzo and penetrating sealers for a concrete paver sealer. 


It’s very important that the surface is prepared correctly before applying any concrete sealer. The surface must be free of any impurities and moisture. Failed film sealers are very costly to remove and are a headache that can be avoided by choosing CMC.  You can rest assure that we are a specialty cleaning and sealing company experienced in working with both new and old concrete.


With such a wide range of concrete sealer choices please contact us for photos and a concrete sealer price.


For all your concrete sealer information.

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